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April 28, 2012

American All-Breed Distance Association: Would you join?

First up!  It in no way interferes with any other distance riding association.  More of an affliliate organization, meaning in order to become a member with AABDA you already must carry membership with NATRC, AERC, MODTRA, ECTRA, or other approved distance riding organization. It actually uses their riding platform to prove mileage. 

So what's so good about it?  You will compete in mileage (only) divisions against a pool of your peers riding YOUR BREED OF HORSE.  For instance the divisions would look something like this:
Spotted Saddle Horse (POA, Appaloosa, Pinto, for example)
Stock Horse (Paint, QH, for example)
Gaited (Fox Trotter, TW Horse, Paso Fino, etc).
Light Saddle Horse (more a type than a breed, such as Saddlebred, Standardbred)
Grade Horse (horses that do not fit the category and breeding is unknown).
Heavy Breed (drafts, draft cross, Fresian,  Warm-blood etc).

So the spotted horses are only competing against the spotted horses.  The Stock horses only against stock horses, the gaited horses against gaited, see where I'm coming from?   Wouldn't it be FUN???

The other breeds could be categorized and there has to be a pool of 20+ in a breed category nationally to qualify for a year end  award.  This is where networking with friends who ride your breed of horse would REALLY COUNT.
In order to participate you turn in proof of competition from any of the approved associations.  Meaning you might ride CTR this month, and Endurance the next and ALL YOUR MILES COUNT to year end awards.

Each Division would have a nice year end high mileage award.
Examples of prizes:  Belt buckle for High Mileage Spotted distance horse of the year.  Or monogrammed cooler for the horse, and cap for the rider with AABDA logo/high mileage award winner.

Please take the poll below to have your voice counted concerning membership or not in an association of this type.
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  1. Although I don't compete in distance events, I'll say that in the show world nothing makes me happier than the chance to compete against "my own kind". There is nothing like riding into the ring on a hot up Arabian and getting a Quarter Horse judge to make you wonder why you bother. I will be curious to hear how distance riders feel about competing against horses like their own.

  2. That would be a BLAST! Might I suggest one more category... "Senior Horses". For the over 20's, all breeds. See which breed holds up best.


  3. The survey so far is pegging along with some interesting results. Of course the naysayers are going to represent the pool of hardcore, only do it this way types and nothing else, which is fine.

    Then there are the rest, that is what may prove to be interesting....that niche.

    Please do cross post the link to anyplace distance minded folks may gather on the web (forums, blogs, message boards, facebook, twitter). I'd like to get a fair accessment of interest from the mileage only crowd, and then share the results.

    Thanks! ~ E.G.

  4. they have tried something like this in our area, to give year end awards for those that participate in endurance, NATRC and Trail challenges. It has very lack-lustre results in my opinion. With more and more folks having to decide if they will pay membership to an already established organization they may participate in, or buy groceries, I think many have seen a decline in memberships. To add another, for a new organization, may be difficult. And it takes the money, to offer those awards. Unless you have some really terrific sponsors.

    I'm of the "see no benefit" catagory on the poll. I do ride mostly NATRC at this time, and we have a really terrific awards program both nationally, and regionally. And have not renwed my AERC membership yet, as I may only be doing a couple of their rides this year. Cheaper to do day membership