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April 27, 2012

The wild spotted wonder is getting there, but...

 Tonight's ride went okay.  15.85 miles with an average speed of 5.4 (a hair faster than the last time we did the A+A+B loop).  As we increase the mileage of our training loop I'm not liking that suddenly she isn't drinking.  Drinking has never been an issue for Journey in the past, and she had cow-patty poop.  DO. NOT. LIKE.  She did dive into her feed bucket immediately when we finished.  Her pulse was a little erratic.  She walked in at about a 78 pulse.  It hung, and jumped up and down with the sound of things at the park.  Finally at ten minutes finally dropped to 57 bpm.  So it looks like she is a little reactive.  On one loop we had a rash of rabid spooking until I got after her, then she quit and got down to work. 

 She looks fit.
      I don't...
Let's hide in the trees where nobody can see us...
Lil Old Appy
 Will we mange to finish at Maumee?
I just don't know...

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