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May 20, 2012

What to do about Journey

 We did our training loop today which is about 16 miles.  Comparing it to the last time we did the course on Garmin she was a half-hour slowerSLOWER!  I honestly expected to have some go today.  It was probably one of our crappiest training rides.   My confidence continues a downward slide.   If something doesn't give, I may finally just have to hang it up.  I've ridden well over 3000 miles in the past few years.  Phebes was successful in completing a ride and in fact was the exact opposite issue (slowing her down was a job in itself).  Journey is compliant, enjoyable to ride, and moving along but she doesn't have the drive or motivation to take it up that extra little notch.  She wasn't tired.  She wasn't huffing and puffing.  She wasn't sweating out every last drop.  She drank well, ate like a pig.   It is warm and very humid today.  We electrolyted.  Just no go.

*face plant into desk*

Maybe my karma is telling me something.    I'll be back when I figure out what that something"is."


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