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May 19, 2012

Hills went well last night

We only managed five miles of hill work last night, but my focus was getting her to trot more consistently "between the hills"  and to engage the hills in general with a little more "oomph."   Not sure if I'll wiggle her around this afternoon or not.  We have a long ride planned for tomorrow, and it is hot and getting humid again.  We need some practice in those conditions, the both of us.    I just came in from outside and have a trickle of sweat rolling down my spine.  LSEGH has started the summer hay search and brought in a truckload which we've off-loaded, and he's out to get another.  So far the price isn't too bad, grass/timothy mix for $3 per square bale (the small kind).   It takes us about 8 truck loads to get through a winter (400 bales or so).  I believe we could cut that amount down quite a bit if it were not for horses peeing in it, pooping on it, rolling in it, and generally wasting a lot of precious hay.  The neighbors feed those large round bales that are just black with mold, and the horses eat every bite of it.  Our hay is nice and clean, fluffy green stuff.  And they pee in it, then turn their noses up at it. I don't get it.   We have hay racks under the loafing shed but I've found that if I fill all three, then Phebes gets run out of the shed, the other two hoard the hay.  So we put it on the ground in four piles spread out here and there to make sure Phebes gets fed.  Good thing over all I guess that Phebes is an air-fern. 

Just watching for the hay truck.


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