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March 25, 2012

So no clipping barefoot

We worked some more on "fit-free" cantering in short spurts today.  She only cranked her head once with thought of bucking and a verbal correction was enough to thwart it.  We did more of it today than we've done, in short fartleks, then back to the trot.  It did help to bring up our average speed (please ignore the Garmin behind the is not truly indicative of what is actually transpiring) ( we have frequent grass stops that eat the total average so I'm only looking at these little segments of the ride).

Avg Speed

15:32.8 0.52 5.7
24:09.8 0.48 6.9
34:46.0 0.51 6.4

72:35.6 0.32 7.3
82:30.9 0.32 7.7
93:03.8 0.31 6.1

112:16.3 0.24 6.2

These short laps all involved trotting with a short sprint thrown in.  Journey is to the point that we either stay doing what we are doing, or pick up the conditioning somewhat, and I think it is time.  Plan to throw in a short sprint into week day sessions.  I will continue to keep long rides slow for now.

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