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March 25, 2012

Where grazing rights are expanded in the Kingdom of Mare.

Did not get much done this weekend on my to-do list.  But did put a good dent into the expansion of the temporary pasture which will add close to a half-acre of grazing for the horses.   Driving steel posts is so EASY this time of year.  They slide into the ground like they are greased with butter.  This also means the ground is holding water so it will be at least a full month before the footing back there is nice enough for turn-out.  Now that the posts are in, and the t-post caps and insulators are installed, the next project is to replace the temporary stakes in the existing pasture with capped t-posts, drop the lines and restring all of it.  Gap gates need to then be installed so the horse's grazing can be rotated throughout the summer.

Journey did get her hooves trimmed yesterday.  Hoof health is looking good.  LSEGH cleaned up some little tags from her frogs, and did a lot of squeezing and pressing to see if she was sensitive to pressure.  Journey was nonreactive to this which is really good as she's been historically very sensitive to prodding and pressure.  I gave her another of her vaccinations and it is such a relief how calm she is regarding shots.

The wound on Phebe's leg/knee has completely filled in now, though it has not scabbed over, probably because it is moist from having swat put on it to keep the flies off.  She appears to be sound, galloping around at will; so we dodged a very big bullet.  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  ~ E.G.

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