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March 26, 2012

The Gospel According to Granny

*Journey rounds nicely at the canter on a long line.  Beautiful lift of her back, and nicely balanced.  Needs a little assistance to keep a soft curve in her neck on the arc, but overall, pretty good!

*Journey does not do these things so well with a rider which will require a lot of gradual remedial work to build her up. She is no bigger than a peanut, barely squeaking in at 14.1 hands.  So big fat me, and the saddle which is pretty heavy are a lot for her to suddenly lift and carry with collection. 

*It is true that horses can have lovely acrobatics during this type of exercise.  In fact she has one heck-uv-a roll back onto her haunches when it is "her" idea.

*I am too sick today to ride , an icky stomach thing. 

*And I seriously don't care---though I really should (both care, and ride).

*The sun is shining, and the horses have their noses buried in grass, and Journey refused her feed both last night and this morning which is worrisome.  She also had a cough this morning which is vanished by this afternoon.  She is pooping and peeing and stuffing hay / grass like there is no tomorrow...?  But just in case, she gets the day off too.

*That's the truth and I'm sticking to it.


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