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March 3, 2012

Severe Tornado Damage Henryville, IN

That area was not hit by one, but two tornadoes back to back.  One looked to be at least an F4 I don't know about the one that followed.  Deaths, the town itself including the school just blown to bits.  The storm traversed Borden, Pekin, Henryville which is a large section of the Clark State Forest.  Hall of Fame rider Bill Wilson's Indiana home is there in Pekin, and is the staging ground for all most all of the Indiana rides.  This is a horrible tragedy for the people of the area with deaths, and total losses of homes and personal property.  I'm sure that the focus will be on restoring peoples lives, which is the right thing to do.  I would not be surprised if the trails are  not devastated as well with all the high winds, and whatever swath the storm may have cut through the forest.  Sending good wishes to our AERC president Connie Caudill (who's home is there).  Praying that all are safe.  So sad that so many lives will have to pick up and start over, and sadder still for lives lost there and here locally. Tornado season has just begun.


  1. So scary, been watching the headlines and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. It is so sad. Stay safe.

  2. A horrible tragedy. Many prayers from our home.

  3. Terrible. Thoughts go out to everyone affected.