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March 2, 2012

Say a Quick Prayer for the Kingdom of Mare

We have a very dangerous weather system getting ready to move through.  It is always hard to know if the horses should be in or out when you live in Tornado alley (2 have come across this ridge line in the past 15 years).  This same system heading our way produced multiple tornado touch downs in it's previous location including a number of deaths.  Usually I take it in stride, but this one has me a little scared.  I worry about my horses most in these situations as I have a choice, they do not. Leave them out?  Put them in a pole barn?  CRAP.  So if you are lookin' up, say a prayer for my herd that they stay safe this evening and overnight.



Update:  Oh my God.   There has been so much devastion in our surrounding area.  Henryville where most of our rides are held and many of the people who attend and put on the rides live was hit really bad.  Locally Holton, Indiana was hit and I have a good friend who lives there whom I cannot reach.  Access in is not being allowed, rescues and police from surrounding counties in.  They have reported  deaths there, from two separate tornadoes.  I gathered up Maggie May our rattie and went to my daughter's in case we needed a basement, and opted to leave the horses out.  We are all okay on our ridge, but so many people are not.  My heart is breaking for those whose homes and lives have been destroyed.  Such sadness. 


  1. I'm so glad you are okay. I heard about the devastation in Indiana on the news and was relieved to see your update. That storm moved through here overnight and we've had very high winds. But no tornadoes thank goodness.

  2. Glad to hear you are okay! I was thinking about all our blogger friends in the path of the storms last night. Stay safe and keep us updated.

  3. Thinking of you and everyone you know *hugs*