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March 3, 2012

The new project underway is a pasture expansion

Our place is about 25 acres.  Most of that is wooded, but we have little green pockets here and there.  Currently only a few of those acres are fenced.  My man and I took the tractor out behind what we call "the temporary pasture" (because is constructed of step in stakes, not permanent fencing) where there is another little grassy meadow.  It has its good points (grass) and bad (lays wet at least half the year).  Having decided that the good outweighs the bad we've decided to fence it with electric rope which will expand the temporary pasture and make it something more permanent by removing much of the step in stakes with steel posts with plastic caps to make them safer.  Sounds simple enough, right?

You would be wrong.

First we had to chain saw a gap in the trees.  I say "we" as though I welded the chainsaw.  I did supervise the chainsaw and run to and fro to avoid falling trees.  Then I decided that we needed to be able to mow around the new fence to keep weeds from growing up and shorting it out.  Hence, more falling of small trees, and when all was said and done it looked like a bomb had gone off back there.  Where upon I had myself a minor internal panic attack that I might get all that crap dragged out of there sometime before further old age decrepitude sets in.  It looked a little overwhelming.  So I started with all the smaller stuff that I could drag, and then LSEGH further saved the day by using the bucket on the tractor to PUSH the bigger brush into the edge of the woods.  Otherwise I'd still be out there dragging and I'd be found with rigor mortis setting in by morning.  Now my original lofty plan was to take the fence all the way around the back field but I'm not feeling the love anymore after today.  Maybe next year.  Maybe never.

Post driving will come next as soon as I figure out exactly how and where we need gap gates to get the tractor into all the areas that will need mowing on the outer fence perimeter.

After this project I caught Journey to ride.  Tied her to the trailer, used the curry to knock off the worst of the mud.  I looked at the trailer door which would require me to open it, get the saddle, and put it on the horse.  Hanging my head in defeat at that daunting task, I pulled the quick release knot, led her back into the fence, and turned her loose.  I just didn't have it in me.  My brain continues to tell me that I am twenty-something, unfortunately my body is a little more lucid and is telling me something else.  Now excuse me as I limp towards the bathroom, fill a hot tub, ingest a small dose of Tramadol, soak, go to bed, and more or less die. (until 5 a.m. tomorrow)


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