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March 4, 2012

Hitting the Re-set Button

In the aftermath of the storm in Henryville and destruction of the entire town, and no reports of course of what happened out in the forest many of the rides that would be held in the area may be disrupted.  Granted that is a pretty small blip on the scale of what has happened in people's lives there, but on my little life scale it will likely effect what we manage to get done this year.  So just kind of thinking ahead to alternative riding goals since this will probably upset the apple cart of what we had in mind.  Not trying to sound whiny because compared to the  damage out there not a big deal.  I can somewhat relate to what those people are going through having lost my child, home, and all my belongings to fire many years ago.  I get it.

So anyway...depending on what happens regarding the first two rides of the season (will they move them? or cancel them?)  Journey and I may need to realign our schedule for ride location,  distance ridden, or both.  This would mean rescheduling already approved vacations on fairly short notice. This will also effect our training schedule as I was shooting for a peak effect in April to complete 25 miles.  Instead I might need to back off and work on our smaller goals unrelated to distance and look to peak in June instead.   Lots to think about, but nothing compared to what so many are going through right now.

****UPDATE:  There are indeed rumblings that the one and only April ride within my firing distance is highly likely to be canceled.  So in that case, I need to rewind my conditioning and training strategy because instead of about six weeks, we suddenly have eight.  If we have no further lousy deluges of rain, perhaps we can start working on what we are supposed to be working on.  Maybe.  If I can keep her pointed the direction she needs to go WHICH IS EATING INTO OUR TIME.  Hoping next weekend will be nice and I can possibly haul out, which helps.

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