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March 6, 2012

Putting more focus on the trot

Journey's walking pace is killer slow.  2.5-3.5 mph depending on if we are pointed away from home or towards home.  So this is really going to be a deficit on keeping a good time average to complete her first LD.  As for trotting speed if she extends to 8.9 mph she is power trotting at least for her short little legs at this point in her conditioning.  Push harder, she breaks to canter and she is NOT efficient there at all because we don't train at that gait. At least not yet.  The ride tonight was short as I got held up at work two hours longer than I intended.  Her average time was better, but we have to trot the uphills and the flats to get it.

Avg Speed

Lap 1 was dead flat in the front little horse lot I call arena but isn't really.
Lap 2 was on technical trail, muddy, and a lot of uphill to get us out to the area where we trot.
Laps 3-6 were again flat and the footing good.
Lap 7 was the return home, again muddy, technical and a lot of downhill.

I believe this is the first time we've averaged 5 mph.

Distance:8.35 mi
Avg Pace:11:59 min/mi
Elevation Gain:594 ft
Moving Time:1:33:18
Elapsed Time:1:40:10
Avg Speed:5.0 mph
Avg Moving Speed:5.4 mph
Max Speed:10.2 mph
Oh my little spotted wonder...miles to go.


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  1. That is a slow walk but I can relate. I struggled with JB on that very same thing. He never got what I consider fast, but he did find his engine and then he was steady, steady. He would maintain a nice steady gait in varied terrain.Up or down. That was his strength. I don't recall his fastest trot was, don't know that I ever clocked it but he was keeping pace in a CTR with a leggy Arabian during one of his faster times!