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March 16, 2012

i you?

The easycare t-shirt logo... It makes me very proud☺  Easycare's Glove has made the barefoot transition possible for Journey who was so flat footed that she couldn't walk across our driveway without flinching.   We are now building distance bare and she is showing good front hoof concavity!  Yes, we still need boots, but we only need them on especially bad footing, or on long training rides, and she can trot sound on blacktop booted or completely bare now.  Thank you Easycare!

Many people don't make the transition to bare hooves because of the time commitment.   It took Journey a good six months of corrective trimming/hoof balancing before she would even fit properly into a set of boots.  Her toes were very long, soles pancake flat, bruising all up and down very thin hoof walls.  I found early on that though her boots were not a perfect fit, they stayed on well enough to afford some protection to get the hoof moving at slow speeds.  We added in some dietary changes, and  supplements.  Today her hoof wall is twice the thickness it was.  The toe has come back, but still has a little ways to go yet.  She is building a nice dome in the sole of the front hooves and the boots really fit great!  If I hang with it...she may eventually not need a boot for training rides.

Miles yet to not perfect, hoof not perfect, but all systems moving forward (literally) thanks to the Easyboot Glove, I boot, do you? 

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  1. Much nicer looking hooves! Good work, LSEGH ;)