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March 17, 2012

Evelyn's Tights

I'm wanting to plug some of the good products and resources I use for folks who happen to find me.  Makes their search for the "good stuff" easier.

Today's recommendation goes to Evelyn's Tights at Just Horsin-round.  Honestly I wish I had a drawer full of her stuff...but alas, I have one very loved pair of her tights.  In fact I love them so much that they are my special occasion tights that I had designed by her especially for me.  Where else can you do that?  Evelyn is a professional quality seamstress.  In fact, her tights are better quality than my name brand tights.  Secure finished seams, flat elastic at the waist,  extra stitching in the knee patches to keep them on and FLAT.   No bulky seams in problematic areas like the inner leg.  She takes your measurements and you get tights that sit right at the waist for your body type, with length cut correctly for your legs.  Getting my drift?  Custom made tights below normal retail cost.   Her link can be found by clicking the button to the right on my sidebar with the picture of my custom made ZEBRA tights.


  1. I've been eyeing her tights for a while but I wanted to ask you a question. How easy are they to clean or to keep debris off you. Here in GA the mud is always a big problem and being able to clean my tights is important. How are they holding up to frequent wash and wear? Also... any rubbing issues?

  2. Caitlin,

    She uses the fabric that tights are generally made of. Mine wash up fine. Of course if my white hits the mud I might want to use a spot remover first. But so far so good. No rubbing issues for me. Evelyn is a great communicator and will talk to you on the phone, or by email about the type fabric you prefer and any special color etc. She makes the plain jane or snazzy ☺