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March 17, 2012

Good long training ride today

 Today's Ride:
Warm up: 1.50 miles
Distance: 21.44 mi
Time: 5:11:40

Weekly Total:
33.54 mi
6:47:06 h:m:s
"the look of eagles" or "the look of complete silliness"
So we are still moving too slow to finish.  I haven't figured out if it is a confidence issue or if she's just lazy.  Certainly not a lack of preparation on my part.  Felt a lot of "sucking back" today, and had one spin back but held on for dear life!  On the second half of the ride she was on trail she was more familiar with and the silliness stopped.  But going to a new ride, new trails, she's gonna see stuff.


  1. The sound at the end of the video is my thank God we are done moan.


  2. good long ride! maybe she just needs more wet saddleblankets? Some days I take a horse out and think I'm going to move out - i'm thinking of the last 2 rides on Finneas - but he was doing some of that - sort of sucking back, not wanting to move forward, and he too did a sit and spin (which I luckily stayed on), and he's not usually a spooky horse. bur fortunately we have some short but steep hill climbs, and when that happens, i'll take a horse on the 'helluvahill climb' ride... lots of ups and downs, and the steep hills really gets their hearts pumping.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. She might step up her game up once she gets to the ride and smells the competition in the air. We all know how contagious the energy is.

  4. I think your doing the right thing of continuing with your training plan regardless of her lack of "go". You might recall I struggled with this with JB. He was a daisy sniffer as I called him, just not in a rush to get down the trail. Although he likes getting out on the trail and defintely moves out better on the trail than in the arena, he never really saw a purpose in going at speed. Like you, I just tried to keep changing up the routine alot. At one point , at the height of my frustration, I seriously considered taking along a pole with a carrot on the end to dangle in front of him ,in the hopes that it would make him chase it..! lol ! I did find that at the rides, with all the excitement and having another person to ride with really helped tug him along and motivate him. We never set any speed records but we did manage to make time. Does she do any better if you ride with a horse that leads? It might be a confidence thing as well since you mentioned she spooks. The sucking back thing is probably more about being a mare and being herd bound... Mares are infamous for that, atleast the ones I have been around...There's my .02 cents... keep at it... great video, she has what looks like , a lovely trot! :)

  5. The stepping up her game thing is what I want to avoid (nightmares of the Phebes fiasco). I'd like to be training slightly faster than we intend to go. I've been thinking about it all morning, and maybe if I get her bombproof on a really small lap I can push the pace a little? We have a little half mile loop right behind the house which has a creek to drink from, a short flat, a mole hill, and gradual longer short hill, then a short downhill. Maybe try pushing the trot up to 8 mph on the flat? and Canter the uphills?

    I do think she will speed up a little at a ride. But I want her prepared for that so we don't have soreness or hydration/ pulsing issues. That was the issue with Phebes, she would train much slower than she'd compete, and then it would kick her butt.

    Once we manage to get the first one down I'll feel better.