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March 19, 2012

Horse Follow Closely

I seem to remember a book by that title.  Journey feeds my soul in certain little ways that Phebes never did, and never will.   We had worked on the prequil to hobble training over several sessions, except for the actual hobbling.  Even though horses willingly roll about in the mud, I just can't bring myself to do it on purpose.  No, hobbled horses should not end up to be rolling about in the mud, but I was thinking about footing, potential panic, and a slip/fall.  So we've waited.  The sun is brilliant today, the birds are singing, the sky awash with fluffy white cloudy goodness.  So I think...why not?  I tossed the rope around her front legs a few times just in case, and led her by each front leg individual, strapped on those hobbles (heart makes sound effects akin to a freight train for about three seconds), and I wait...and wait...and finally she lifts a leg and then puts it down.  Backs up a little, slightly squats, and then oh what the heck!  There is grass,so grass she eats.  That was pretty much the whole thing.  Excitement over. Remove hobbles.

We did some yielding from the ground, and a few laps around the round pen.  I dropped her halter and let her out.  She waited.  She followed.  I stopped and she propped her chin on my shoulder.  Too close?  Yeah, probably, but I don't want to lose all of her in your pocket sweetness.  I will take a horse that follows closely over a horse that runs the other way any day.  ~ E.G.


  1. A boring training session is the BEST. Usually means you have done everything right.

    I wish I could have a little boredom in the pen...