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March 5, 2012

February stats for the BBBDR

#1 riding Pioneer  102.17  miles
#2 riding Cavalry 121.5 miles
#4 riding Pioneer 197 miles
#5 riding Cavalry 261.3 miles
#9 riding Cavalry 213.27 miles
#14 is selling horse/ we will assume pulled until further notice.
#16 riding Cavalry 74 miles.
#12 Pulled by rider option.

I think that is it.  The top five are actually fairly close, one long ride on the weekend would tip anyone into a new position fairly quickly.

Happy trails ladies!

~ E.G.


  1. Come on folks, play along! Anyone who hasn't put any miles in, you can do it now and still catch up. You never know when someone might have to pull! These are good stats to keep no matter what, there are some fun prizes and someone wins the bragging rights!

  2. Playing along is cool, I agree! Plus its really neat to see how many miles you really are putting on your pony. I certainly hadn't realized how many miles I was putting on Rose till I started tracking and I know I put a ton on last summer before tracking just getting her to the point she's at now. It's definitely a pretty good idea!

  3. Oh yeah I guess I ought to officially pull. Sorry about that. If you know of anyone looking for a good horse who deserves an owner that can actually spend time with her, pass the info along, please.