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February 4, 2012

A Bluetooth Technical Question

Technology evades is what it is with me.  Wondering though if a Bluetooth setup would work under a riding helmet for hands free phone.  I generally can get a cell signal most of the time while out on trail, and would like to be able to check in with my husband periodically to assure him of my safety (or not).  I've never used one of these devices but it seems like it might work?  Anyone doing this?   I'd like to be able to call him using voice, or a single touch.  So can I carry the phone in a zippered pocket and access with the Bluetooth? ~E.G.


  1. Yes, it will work. You just have to keep the phone in a pocket. However, you'll have to find an earpiece that will stay quite firmly attached somehow. Most bluetooth earpieces are just tucked into your ear and fall out rather easily. So make sure you get one that's a lot more secure.

  2. I do use a bluetooth device while riding. It's very handy, however mine is a bit picky about voice commands. My hubby is a truck driver and uses the brand Blue Parrot, it's excellent for blocking out background noise. I'd have to check with him about the voice commands though.

  3. I have a bluetooth. When I used it, it worked pretty well. Mine goes up over the ear, so I wonder how well it would fit with having a helmet on. I never use mine anymore. I prefer to use the ear piece that plugs in or speaker phone. So if you want, I can send you mine to try. I was thinking of selling it, but I would just give it to you. :-)