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February 5, 2012

Technical Difficulty...

Distance:8.91 mi
Avg Speed:3.7 mph
Elevation Gain:1,063 ft
 I never seem to remember to turn the Garmin off when I'm side-tracked.
  It was an interesting little ride today.  First I caught her up and was picking out her hooves and suddenly BLOOD.  It appears she tore her frog on something and then I caught the edge with the hoof pick.  Doug cleaned it out good, medicated it, packed it with some cotton, wrapped it with vet wrap.  I put a boot on and she was going sound on it so we went out for some slow hills.  She did pretty well today but on our little field that we trot along she kept acting a little goosey like tippy toes through the grave yard each time.  I didn't see anything spooky.  Later we came up the cut through road from this field and she was snorting and acting funny.  Off to my left I notice a ten-point buck, dead, and mostly eaten.  Then I find the big cat track!  I was so freaking excited.  I've been looking for his/ her tracks since last winter and the bloody deer kill then.  This was a big old buck that cat brought down.  Had to be cat as there were not any claw marks in the track, and a really good size track too.  So that kill was what had Journey acting (rightfully) on alert.    I took pictures with my phone only to realize that I've switched phones and do not have a cord to connect to my computer.  Journey wanted no part of that dead deer.  I'd like to hike back out and retrieve the antlers.  They make great buttons, and pulls for drawers, knife handles too.  
I am a little worried about that torn frog.  If it were dry I wouldn't sweat it, but the ground is sloppy nasty mud, so I'll have to really stay on top of this or I'll be out for lameness.  
We are also having some booting issues.  Her size appears to be going down.  Having trouble keeping her back boots on.  May have to get a couple of 00.5's and see if they will go on the backs.  It is a pain in the butt to be loosing those hind boots and having to slap the muddy things back on.  Today the vet wrap goosed up her size enough that they stayed put.

Our total mileage this week wasn't too bad.  Slow still, but with the mud I'll take 4 mph.  I'm really more concerned with her riding "right" than I am about getting up to speed.  Does me no good to move out, and then get hammered because her head is not in the game.

In the meantime...I need me a turtle to talk to.  Someone who seriously turtles rides consistently. ~ E.G.


  1. Our little mustangs get kinda goosey when we're near a fresh kiss, too.
    But sometimes they absolutely REFUSE a trail, and if we go back the next day, we will usually find fresh sign.

    Smarter than us, I think.


  2. Jacke, wow, that's really something about finding the dead buck. Journey's a smart horse for being worried. I hope her frog heals quickly - it is so hard with a lot of mud around. Sounds like you and she are having some wonderful rides lately!