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January 26, 2012

The Sisterhood in the Kingdom of Mare

Journey and Phebes got off to a rough beginning.  Journey whipped Phebes into shape in a hurry as to who was going to be the Alpha-Mare in a herd of two Alpha-Mares.  It has been interesting to watch this dynamic over the months.  Things have settled down to a "sister-hood" of late.  Journey still wielding the power when necessary, but most of the time more like siblings in the back seat sticking their tongues out at each other and one  yelling "she touched me!"  Phebes gets chased.  A LOT.  But it is pretty passive now.  She trots a circle and twirls her head at Journey until Journey is no longer enchanted by the game.   Journey grooms Phebes against her will and Phebes stands there because she likes it, but gives snarky faces at Journey the whole time.  The last time I took Journey for a ride (you know...back when there was no sheet of ice, or flood warnings) Phebes was upset that Journey was leaving.  Phebes never gave a rat's butt about anyone's coming or goings before.  And Cree?  He is the center of the universe.  A twitch of an ear, or a dirty look generally puts things back into place.       ~ E.G.

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  1. Jacke, It is so interesting to hear about how Journey's and Phebes' relationship has evolved over time. You are a good observer.