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January 28, 2012

A Slump of EPIC proportion

I'm experiencing an EPIC seasonal slump.  Lifting a leg to move from place to place is more than I find currently is like the motivation and life has been sucked out of me.  I do well as long as I'm on track and inching forward.  It is the backwards moments that really tax my mind.  I'm not a person who enjoys the idle time of winter or rainy springs.  I'd make a lousy vampire... The little things are keeping me somewhat glued into place.  Got my trailer tags for the year,  park pass and bridle tags came in this week.  My gear is the cleanest I've seen it in two years ('cause we aren't working), I have the pads to test drive over park service road.  Front concavity of hoof continues to make progress.  The old bruising on her rear hooves has worked its way almost all the way down to the bottom of the hoof wall.

It would have been a nice sunny day to ride except for the gusty wind that had the horses running, snorting, blowing, with eye staring off into outer space at unseen demons.  I'm over riding "crazy."  Picking my battles seems to make more sense.  So it was hoof trimming instead for the girls.  Fitting pads to Journey's gloves on the fronts.  Checking Phebes for  scratches which have been problematic of late, but she looked okay.

I need a vacation.  Somewhere sunny and warm and QUIET.


  1. Hi there! Saw you on my blog ( and decided to check yours out as well.
    Happy to meet you!

  2. Sunny, warm, & quiet sounds good to me! I wish I had more vacation time! We could load our horses in a trailer and head south for a long weekend of riding. In 2013, I believe I should have an extra week of vacation and maybe even more depending on what they work out for vacation time for the new combined firm.