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January 24, 2012

Great Deal on a CREW BAG

Tough 1 crew bag  the price is nearly half the cost of other sources.  If they make their crew bags as well as their horse blankets this is a steal!


  1. Just wanted to add - Henry Griffin of Griffin's Tack makes exceptionally fine and cheap products, too. His website's non-functional and the best way to buy is to see him in person - he travels to rides all over W, PS, NW, and I think even SW. Sadly no luck for you, EG, but if one of your west-of-the-Mississippi readers ever sees him at a ride, buy with confidence!

  2. The guy should get himself a free blog with his stuff and contact information and get it out there. I'd link him!

  3. Looks like an awesome bag! I didn't know they made such a thing! What company did you get this from? Can you share the link?

  4. I forgot to check the box to get the email follow-up. So this post is just for that purpose. Sorry.

  5. The bag I ordered was from :

    Even a better price I later found at: for $28.52

    This is a discontinued item so don't order GREEN it is out of stock so they can't order it. The only color Horse loverz had left was red, blue, and black.