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January 23, 2012

The herd threatening mutany!

The winds were gusting hard today.  Sheet metal rattling on the barn, wind whooshing through the trees, tarps and pool noodles flapping in the tree of death.  The horses were up.  In fact so badly up I thought one or the other was going to crash through the electric rope fencing.  I tried animal communication (desperate times call for desperate measures), arm flapping, petting and consoling.  The horses continued to splatter through the mud like out of control tumble weeds! What to do?  WHAT TO DO?

Three flakes of hay in three separate piles saved the day.  Why is the simplest measure the hardest to conjure up?


This was the first time I've seen Journey all torqued up and she looked like a little spotted arabian.  Tail flipped up and giving it heck out there.


  1. Food solves a great many problems.

    My mustang used to FLIP OUT when a flight for life helicopter flew over to the fire station up the hill from us. I started giving him a flake of hay when one flew by. Now he just walks to the feeder when we get overflown.

    Dinner bell.


  2. Nothing like a few wind gusts to get their tailfeathers all a-twitter. That's why I had to play frisbee with a certain horse a few days ago. She takes out sections of the fence just for kicks and grins when she is bored; add the wind and .... you get the idea. I bet Journey's a beauty when she is 'performing'. Leaves one in awe of the power contained in those gorgeous bodies!
    Bionic Cowgirl