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January 7, 2012

BBBDR this weeks mileage totals

#16C =74
#14C =14.8
#  9C = 78.77
#  5C = 105 (our current leader in Cavalry)
#  2C = 32
#  1P = 61.85  (current leader in Pioneer)
#  4P = 55.6

If I missed anyone or made an error, let me know.  I have updated as of January 8, 2012.


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  2. What date did it start? For those of us who follow along in reader, it would be great to have the actual names (and maybe blog links?) posted with the updates.

    Since I got interested in doing it to late to enroll this year, I'm "playing along at home" to see where I would have ended up. ;)

  3. ~C I'm doing that too actually! Seeing where I'd be in the standings if I were in the standings. You can keep up to date by clicking on the button link (art drawing of spotted horse) on the right hand side-bar. You can also comment and cheer them on ☺

  4. P.S. It started December 1 and will end November 30th 2012.

  5. Thanks. I went to the link and it's a bit hard to follow on that other site. The summary posts seem to be the easiest.

    I'm at 82 miles for that time frame, fun to compare!!