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January 8, 2012

Highly Recommended Blog Post of the Week!

On endurance etiquette on trail.   Karen's Musings & Endurance Ride Stuff  ~Karen Chaton

This one is really near and dear to my a lot of the stuff listed as "NOT TO DO" has happened to me over the course of seven competitions.  Including being crowded, pushed at water stops, horses running off at water stops,  having a horse's nose stuck up my horse's rear on a steep downhill, and downright insulted by being cursed at for pulling an excited horse off the trail (trying to exhibit my own etiquette by hearing them coming and getting out of their way) to let other horses pass!  I know it is not a perfect world out there, excitement and tensions are high...but there is no thousand dollar prize at the end.  Just a t-shirt in some new color, or a feed bucket or something.

On the other spectrum I've been treated wonderfully by other riders too.  Mary from Ohio (who's last name I can't recall now), Sabine from Kentucky,  Chris from Indiana, and my horse "finders" when Phebes and I were separated.  

If I could expand that etiquette to blogging, facebooking, the same rules apply.  Consider your audience.  Consider who might be reading (or hurt), and act accordingly following the same rules of etiquette you would or should show out on the trail.   ~ E.G.

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