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January 6, 2012


I love it when something starts coming together.  We did about a half hour of gradual hill climbs and descents this evening.  First at the trot, and then at a slow canter.  That process had a few bobbles (the Journey driving thing) but we worked that out after seventeen (yes) SEVENTEEN repetitions up the slope.  Headed for home.  It is my habit to dismount in our neighbor's field, allow her snatch some grass and then I hand walk her home.  We've been working on trot outs off and on with only moderate success.  But I seem to have unlocked the key to getting that working.  I said "let's go!" our cue for the trot out, and I stepped out for home at a nice little jog, and Journey jumped right in and was giving a nice little power trot up the paved road.  It was AWESOME!!!

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  1. Those days when it all starts to come together are AWESOME!