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November 9, 2011

I Bend for Peppermints

Michaella has warned me that pocket ponies are by and large disrespectful.  Journey has been a pocket pony her entire life long.  She loves treats.  She expects treats.  Carrots and peppermint candy being her first choice, and then apples.  I was told if I "must" give her treats, to pick only certain times that she can having them.  I love feeding treats I give her a carrot when I halter her as a reward for being present and accounted for, and she gets a peppermint when I let her out of her stall.  I believe she was also used to getting treats for bending as she goes through all sorts of gyrations thinking I'm going to give her something.  She does "self bending" and reaches between her legs with her nose "carrot stretches" and looks at me like hey!  I did it...where's my treat?  Sorry my little spotted wonder but the training guru says NO. ~ E.G.

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