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November 8, 2011

Attempting to fit her to the Myler Cradle Bit

It is basically a double jointed snaffle, with two rings for different type of pressure (which I need to study up on) and knotted nose band and curb that are one piece adjusted at the curb for snugness.  The worst part honestly was getting it in her mouth.  You can tell that has been a battle ground in the past, with all the head flipping.  After a few head down prompts I got her to hold reasonably still while I very carefully put the bit into her mouth. Of course she chewed, and chomped, and did some tongue stuff including hanging it out!  She finally settled down to it and then I tried some bending which was much softer than in the hack, and some flexing which was better, not a green light, but definitely more of a response, and finally a back up using a rein to lift each front let (at least that was my mental picture) and that worked too. Not speedy, but at least a good responsive try and we'd been getting nothing on the back up to speak of with the hack unless I was very forceful.  So Journey may need to spend a few years in a snaffle before we can clearly do the bitless thing.  I'll need to run it past Michaella, and have to see if I can afford to buy it from Lida.  If I can't, I'll have to look for something made similarly  as far as the multi-jointed thing and way the center is sort of shaped to the horse's mouth.  I am not fond of the second ring as I managed to catch my finger in it twice! We did a little lunging, some belly scratching lift exercises, and that was about it.  Now she gets a two-day vacation.


  1. What I did with Siaga was undo the cheek pieces to the bit (this is an english bridle) and put the bridle on without the bit first, attach the cheek pieces (and the bit) on the right side and go around to the left and then that gives you a way to hook your thumb through the ring of the bit, and hold the noseband, and guide the bit with the left hand.

    After a few times like that, he's stopped tossing his head and fighting it. I also start that the same way, and hold the bit in the left hand with a treat laying right by the middle of the bit, thumb hooked through bit ring and holding the noseband, and he takes it like a dream for the treat. Then you just fasten up the left side.

    I've also seen bit wipes that are peppermint or apple flavored that might help you out some. They have them on Dover.

  2. Beth,

    I think I can make that work if I attach it to bit hangers...thanks!