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November 10, 2011


LSEGH has gifted me with a new Garmin.  My older one works well, but did not have any ability to connect with GOOGLE maps, or to record my elevation changes etc.  I'm not real "gadget savy" so it will take some time to learn the new drill, and start generating accurate conditioning maps.  What I feel will be beneficial with this is I'm going to develop two or three courses that are for different purposes.  A hill route that is nothing but my hill work.  A rolling course that will allow me to use all three gaits.  A flat road course that is just for trotting eventually.   The last one will be my LSD course and it will be the same course with a little bit added each week or two to record the increase in miles (rather than speed, or pace).   Not often that my husband can surprise me with something...but he sure did this time!  So my old Garmin will be cleaned, and put away as a back up.

Next hurdle is getting a snaffle purchased for Journey and some bit hangers for it.  Probably will be post holiday before I get any of that worked out.

My brain is now thinking about Endurance across the great pond.........How is endurance riding done in Great Britain?  I know, random.  That is how I roll. ~ E.G.

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