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October 7, 2011

Tevis competitor BREED OF HORSE run-down

The horses that will participate in the Tevis ride are primarily made up of Arabian and Half-arabians.  But it is interesting to note that other breeds will be represented on the ride and will be fun to watch their progress.  Listed to start are:

Morgan horse (1)
American Bashkir Curly (1)
Shagya (1)
Standardbred (1)
Appaloosa!  (1)
Tennessee Walker (1)
Rocky Mountain (1)
Mustang (2)
Missouri Fox Trotter (1)
N F Horse (what the heck?) (1)
Mustang/Quarter horse cross (1)
Saddlebred (1) (this horse ridden by Shannon Constanti)
Akhal Teke (1)
Arabian or half-arab (all the rest)


  1. Norwegian Fjord. He is a very nice horse, who won one of the very top honors in NATRC last year.

  2. I notice that a lot of the non-arab competitors are from places other than California.

    Of the Pacific Northwest riders, I see that Sue is riding her Curly, Chuck took his Mustang, and Terry will be on a Missouri Fox Trotter. I'm not sure what it means, but it's interesting...