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October 8, 2011


1 174 Summers, Dennis
2 32 Reynolds, Jeremy
3 156 Shackelford, Rachel
4 13 Hatfield, Shellie
5 132 Nice, Jennifer
6 159 Smith, Jenni 
7 171 Spoor, Robert
 8 8 Ford, Garrett  looks like TEAM EASYBOOT is in the running ...
 9 33 Bacco, Leigh
10 92 Hastie, Clydea
11 9 Ford, Lisa
12 126 Moe, Catfish

Journey had her lesson today.  She did great for Michaella but as soon as we put it into the real world it was like someone blew sand between her ears.  Michaella was riding her bitless, but not using the S-hack.  Actually Journey did alright for me until it was us and another horse and rider, and suddenly I did not exist.  The schooling is good, we need the support of a good trainer, but this horse also needs some miles to instill a better respect of who the leader is.   Wet saddle blankets tend to help out some with that.

And while those who are doing endurance get to travel the 100 mile Western States trail.  I am going to read my book, and maybe take a nap.

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