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October 7, 2011

For our lady's camp out.

You can pull in on Friday night if you like, or early Saturday morning if you aren't big on "camping".   I thought in the morning we could have breakfast.  I'll have juice, coffee, fruit, and pastries at the house, then maybe play around with some ground games, and try our hand at the few ACTHA type obstacles I have on hand which are ground poles that elevated six inches, an obstacle to back which is an "L", the dreaded pin-wheel, and the ever so scary curtain of "stuff".  I'm going to try to figure out a simple jump as well.

Everyone can wing it for lunch, take a break.  Then we will head out on the trail ride/scavenger hunt.  I've not timed that ride, but at pleasure pace it should take a while.  At endurance pace it takes me a bit over two hours, so at least four hours?

In the evening we will either have a weenie roast, or if LSEGH is not working he might BBQ us something on the grill.  We will light up the torches and the fire pit at dark.  If any of you play music, bring it on!

It is strictly BYOB:
Bring your own beverage (if you like beer or wine) I'll have soda and iced tea as well as water on hand.
Bring your own bath-towel (if you'd like to use our shower).
Bring your own buckets to water your horse.  We will have the garden hose hooked up and a little wagon to make getting water where you are parked easier.

I have figured out a parking arrangement as long as it is relatively dry...tossed two rick of firewood today to open up a couple spots.  Someone could park in the driveway, maybe two, and three easily in the area I cleaned out today.    So we are good for several small rigs at this point without going into the horse lot.

Lesson tomorrow!  I'm so excited.  ~ E.G.


  1. You had mentioned at one time, maybe heading over to Versailles on Sunday. Are you still thinking about that or another ride at your place? Or just see what everyone wants to do?

  2. I'm still thinking going to Versailles on Sunday. It's only fifteen minutes away. But if you all would rather ride here, I'm okay with whatever. I just want some some "horse time."