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October 7, 2011

The 56th Tevis Cup Ride on Saturday

Tomorrow the Tevis Cup (Western States Trail Ride) which has traditionally been run during the heat of summer begins.  Robie Park the starting place was dumped with about eight inches of snow,  though ride day forecasts sunny temps near 64 degrees. The launch off place for the ride usually out of Robie Park has been changed to the Gold County Fairgrounds in Auburn due to snow. I'm wondering also  about the higher elevations of the ride...and what that will mean for horse and rider wading through deep previous snowfall?  It should be interesting to follow during and after this year.  

If you want to follow the ride via internet tomorrow the link is TEVIS WEBCAST

To go to the main website Click here

Each year I choose a few to watch as favorites.  Since Mel has had the audacity to enroll in veterinary studies (what was she thinking?)  I have to live vicariously through the ride of someone else.


So this year my picks to follow are:
#36 Heather Reynolds from California on Heir Express
#32 Jeremy Reynolds from California on River Watch
#9 Lisa Ford from Colorado on GE Cyclone   (I'm cheering on Lisa for another good show for booting)
#171 Robert Spoor from California on Logistic
#7Crocket Dumas from Utah on OT Sara Moniet SRI
#153 Christoph Schork from Utah on a horse yet to be determined...
#12Potato Richardson from California on Fille De Masson (because his DVD made me laugh and characters in general intrigue me).  

I wish them all the best of luck as they challenge one of the toughest endurance trails in the country and maybe the toughest conditions ever. I live vicariously through them all each year.   Can't wait to hear the ride stories.  Ride safe all!      ~ E.G.            


  1. I'm hoping to go check out the finish (and maybe the start, but that is early!) since it is minutes from my house. Since they are starting in Auburn and continuing to Foresthill (with maybe some loops, it isn't announced yet) there wont be any snow, they'll be below all the high passes. It will sure be a different event this year!

  2. This year's Tevis is so crazy! I can't wait to follow it and see what happens and I hope all horses and riders come home safely, completed or not. I didn't know Christoph was riding it this year, SO glad you posted this and found out. I bought my mare from him and have been living vicariously through his achievements ever since--winning this years Championships 100 miler etc. I finished the Mendo Magic 30 miler in August riding the last few miles with Heather Reynolds (she was winning the 50 as I got 3rd in the 30, lol) and she was really nice, hope she does well. How exciting, some year I have to go hang around and volunteer, its only about an hour from me.

  3. Well that is good news about snow, but also kind of sad that it is being re-routed somewhat. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

    I really thought that Chris Martin would have Monk entered but didn't find him on the list. If I could have something awesome on my bucket list it would be to ride Monk :) just once :) It would probably scare the crap out of me. *LOL*

    You sure can't argue about the Reynolds, the get results with their horses. They would be the top of my list of brains to pick for information on how to build an athletic horse. Feed, electrolytes, all that good stuff. They have a consulting service but it is way beyond my budget :( But I'll cheer them on anyway.

    Ladies if I lived as close to the ride as you all, guess where I'd be spending THIS weekend? ~ E.G.

  4. This one will be a nail biter for sure!


  5. EG: Started browsing your blog today to see where all my MONK blog hits were coming from and ran across your Tevis comments. Yes, Jeremy and Heather, who are now in Florida are the premier endurance trainers in the USA. I only have one super horse, they have several. We ran the NAETC which was way too close for Tevis to be on our bucket list. I would let you ride MONK, always looking for someone to help me train... Don't know that we will be headed your way much.. Might be in Texas end of April and maybe Florida in August on our way to the World. I think you know where I live, so if you come to northern CA let me know and we will put you out on the Tevis trail on the MONK..

  6. Chris,

    Now my legs have gone all rubbery at the mere "thought" of some miles on MONK. I'll have to wait for you to come down to Kentucky...