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October 6, 2011

God willing and the creek don't rise...a ladies campout/trail ride.

I've got a good weekend planned.  Saturday Journey and I will go back to the trainer for a 2 hour session.  The first hour will be diagnostic with Michaella Walker of the Circle M Ranch riding Journey and getting a handle on her strengths, weaknesses, and illustrate some training goals.  After that will be training me to train Journey.  This is what I very much like about Michaella's approach.  After that we are going to GPS her trails on the farm to see how much distance she has available to her. So we are gonna be looking at cows again....wooooweeeee!

Sunday I have to give some thought to getting ready for the upcoming ladies campout I'm having here weekend after next.  Nothing like waiting to the last minute.  We have a pile of brush in the yard (yes, in the yard, only here) to burn.  I purchased a 36 inch tractor rim to use as a fire pit and it has to be rolled somewhere.  I'd like to pick up some gas tiki lanterns, but don't know if I'll manage to get that done.  It is up in the air who's coming, but if you are local to me, come on down.  We will ride some trails, roast some weenies and marshmallows.  I'm thinking on having a scavenger hunt...with a very expensive inexpensive grand prize.  One other game in mind...but not sure yet.  I have room for maybe five rigs.  We will have a pitch in for meals, with me providing the hotdogs, buns, and marshmallows.  It is RSVP.   I have a round pen a horse can hang out in, and I can empty my three stalls for use.  You can set up an electric pen if you want.    We will trail ride locally for about nine miles, very little road (unless the creek floods...).  

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