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October 1, 2011


  • Steering is getting more responsive with a bit more softness.
  • Road riding is going reasonably well for a greenie.  She is very much "on alert" out there, but I guess that is to be expected for a young green horse.  She is unphased by culverts, mail boxes, dumpsters, and yapping canines.  Cars coming up from behind tense her up a little (then of course I follow suit *sigh*), but she isn't overly reactive so I can't complain.  She just needs lot of exposure to stuff.  
  • After two and half hours of work today I decided to canter up my favorite little hill...she nearly bucked me off.  I'm pretty certain this is a "learned" behavior and that this is why she parted ways with her previous owner who got bucked off at the last clinic they went to.  I was hanging somewhat by a thread as she bucked, dropped her head, and twisted.  Once my seat hit sheepskin I had her by the rein and doubled her back yelling "YOU LITTLE SHIT".  Very highly unproductive.  But at least I didn't eat dirt.  
  • We had been working over two hours at this point and she was full of go...and full of herself.  So I thought I'd change things up a bit when we got home.  Instead of turning her loose, I stripped tack and put on a rope halter and set back into ground work.  If horses can be p-o'd, she was.  As I was lunging her over the cavalleti poles she took a shot at me with a hind hoof.  So we did some serious backing up until her head was down, and she was licking and chewing and her eye had softened.  I can see with the Royal Spotted One that leadership is going to be an ongoing theme.  This little mare was spoiled (and loved) to the nth degree.  But the rubber has met the road...I WILL LEAD.
  • Even with all that stuff, I had a seriously WONDERFUL day.  ~ E.G.

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  1. Hahah, getting right on her for bucking sounds extremely productive, actually. Good work!