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October 2, 2011

Borrowed from Chris Martin's Blog Fastest 100 mile times.

Though I do not aspire to even attempt  imagine to attempt a ride time like this, I have to say that MONK is "the man" or in this case "the horse".  And anyone that can train a horse to run a heart rate < or = 140 bpm while on the last loop of a 100 mile ride while running 18.5 mph is doing something right.  In Monk's case he is like the perfect storm. One of those once in a lifetime horses.  He now holds the record in North America for the fastest 100 mile ride time at 6:53.  Yes, a 100 miles in less than seven hours.  Place me firmly among the Monk groupies...I may need a TEAM MONK t-shirt.

To read the whole article click here: MONK  (originally printed in The Endurance News).

And while I'm on that topic did you read the article written by Julie Suhr in the new issue of the EN's?  She in her eighties rode along to sponsor a junior.  It was a very lovely and feel good article and also good to hear that Julie is "still at it."  I say never, ever, ever...grow up.  Just keep having fun with your horses.  Julie is an amazing woman.    ~ E.G.

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