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September 30, 2011

The girls were a sight today...

It was a typical Fall day here, a little wet from the deluge of rain we had yesterday evening, temperatures plummeting to the point of lighting a wood fire, wind swirling, leaves skittering, and the girls all snort and blow.  In the snort and blow department Phebes still reigns as "queen" and the spotted one can only hold court to a high percentage arabian with the wind in her nostrils and tail in the air.  Phebes is never more beautiful than when she exhibits her true equine self, mane in the wind, and the mud flying off her hooves, while Journey gave chase.  It always takes my breath away, and I'd rather watch Phebes than any sunrise, sunset, snow storm, or snow capped mountain.  My horse is the most beautiful of God's creations.  ~ E.G.

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