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September 10, 2011

If attacked when on horseback!

Aarene had a wonderful self-preservation series on her site this week.  To view the series visit Haiku Farm

This site addresses a few scenerios that could easily happen to any of us solo riders.  It is creepy to think of ...but better to have some ideas of how to keep your seat, and stay with your horse in the worst case scenerio.

Self Defense on Horseback

Click on the side bar on the Self-defense video clip. 

And for your morning coffee drinking entertainment (or whenever)

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  1. I attended a Safety class about solo riding at a big horse show in Portland, Oregon, when I was in college. It surprised and scared me! But so good to be aware of all the things that can happen, and some of it has definitely stuck with me to this day--especially since I almost always ride alone! My truck was broken into at the trail head last week and my wedding gift purse stolen :( Luckily carried my wallet in my pommel bag but still...good for all women riders to be aware of the many dangers.