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September 10, 2011

Is this only LESSON # 2?

I'm exhausted.  An entire 2 hour + session on the finer points of rope handling, and at the end I finally did it right twice.  Poor Michaela!  God love her she probably smacked herself hard in the forehead twelve times when I left.  Coordinating hands, feet, and horse is not my strong point.  I'm better in the saddle because things are pointed the direction that I understand...little does she know that I cannot back up a horse trailer either.  Journey?  I figure by the time Michaela Walker gets me handling the rope properly Journey will be pretty much trained.  I'm a person that learns by "doing" and Micheala is a teacher that teaches by showing/illustration.  I lack confidence.  It is truly pathetic, but we shall soldier on.

Considering joining her for the cow clinic next weekend.  Would allow us to have a mental break from the repetition.  Don't know that Journey needs it, but another week and I'm quite sure that I will.  I haven't done so yet, but may grab Phebes tomorrow and try to work some wonderous magic (don't fall down laughing) on her with my new-found rope skills-if I don't get tangled up, and forget left from right, oh! you mean the OTHER RIGHT, right?  

My poor pitiful horses. 

~E.G. (mortified...shuffling away with yes, my rope, dragging)

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  1. You'll get it! Hang in there. Parelli likes to say that their program is not a horse training program - it is a people training program. The horses already know what to do, we just need to get our timing and coordination right. :-) And once you get it by golly everything gets easier for you and your horse both on the ground and under saddle!