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September 7, 2011

Goober Glue and the Gloves

I've been further researching how I might use a little Goober Glue as a sole pad as well as an adhesive with the Easyboot Gloves.  It has been tested, and the following method I found on YOU TUBE posted by Easycare.  Seems it works out fine, and will further make the Gloves a more custom fit for Journey, as well as offering better adhesion.  I'll be excited to give it a try...

As you can see it is neat, clean, quick, and very easy (my kind of booting). 

Then if you think you don't want the added concern of the gaiters, there is this method:

Goober Glue the shells...

So one way or the other I think we'll work out whatever fitting issues we might have, at least until we have to go down another size!

You notice that there is no worrisome hoof prep other than a balanced trim?  I'd probably scruff things up a little bit with a sanding block if I were doing the second process.   

Hope this was as helpful for you as it was for me.

Now if I can just return the boots AGAIN and get a box full of working boots, we'll be all set.  At least for awhile.

                                   Journey & Phebes
I have to get Her Royal Spottedness prepped for her next lesson (and in the trailer to GO to the next lesson).  I'm feeling reasonably good about our progress.  Not perfect, but improved.  We've had maybe six practice sessions since the first lesson and you'd like to think you will just get it done in an hour, ahhhhh....NO.   I clearly see that some dedication is in order for this stuff.  We are finally starting to find some whoa on the lunge line.  Finding myself in a time crunch working with Phebes and her ACTHA obstacles.  Once Journey is through her lessons for level one, and clinics for levels two and three I can devote a little more time towards Phebes and her training.  I'm totally out any kind of plan at this point still.  In truth I don't know yet what Journey's strengths are going to be.  So nothing concrete has inspired me to say we will shoot for this or that.  It is all just so basic right now.  Trained horse first. Sound horse. Despooked horse.  Road worthy horse, softness, walk, trot, canter horse.  That is about as far as the dream has been allowed to form, and there are days I'm having trouble with one or all of those!  In the past, even through all the adversity I always heart-felt believed that Phebes and I could and would have our season to run (albeit slowly).  I'm finding I no longer own that steadfast confidence that I can and I will since so much of it is really not up to me.  I can only worry about today, right now, this minute.  That is all the farther my little dream can take me.  ~ E.G.

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  1. I really appreciated that video. I'm trying to learn all that I can about our "barefoot options."
    Also, loved your last words - we can only worry about today. Amen to that!