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July 27, 2011

The verdict is in: she was being a turd.

We rode again yesterday (yay! mo-jo is back) and did some cantering.  We were with another horse, same tack as the day before.  She was fine.  Longer warm-up (thanks Mel) and of course no buddy sourness because she had two other horses to feel buddied up to (not so good).  I split off from them a couple of times and whew! does she get mad.  Spittin' mad.   Getting her full attention in this area is going to be a huge priority, because there will be a lot of horses passing us by at a ride.  Weather here is still very sultry, and I will not have any free time until Saturday.  ~E.G.

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  1. I'm too late to sign up for the horsey contest/distance thing....but it's not like I would even be able to contribute much..... :(. *sigh*. MAYBE we've gone 3 miles TOTAL this summer since May? Pitiful. Pitiful. Pitiful. Does her wandering around the pasture count? How about when I'm scooping manure and she's following me around? LOL. I'm going to have to start all over and the thought isn't as bad as I thought - I'm sorta looking forward to that. I'm 4 LD's away from getting an LD patch, so I'm thinking about doing that, and then moving into 50's to finish up her 1000 mile goal...and see where we go from there. Doing LD's in vet school should be totally doable right???????? You work like CRAZY hours and manage to do it!!! I should be able to get my butt into gear and do this!