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July 28, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box in the July Endurance News

Did anyone read this short article by AERC president Connie Caudill?  She proposed some interesting ideas for the future of AERC.  One that I really liked was giving the horse credit for mileage.  ALL MILEAGE.  This would include their LD miles.  I heartily agree with this notion.  The rider gets credit for miles, and miles are miles, right?  It wouldn't mess with anyone's points or prove otherwise threatening to other members of the AERC.  Since LD is much of what keeps AERC alive and well, shouldn't our horses get credit for total miles even if we move up to Endurance?  I feel it would legitimize that segment of the distance riding community, would give aging riders (and their horses) a reason to continue on at shorter distances and inspire new riders to give distance riding a try with a shorter venue.  All win/win if you ask me (which nobody did *lol*).   I don't agree that awards / points, etc be mixed.  Just total miles. 

Completion only rides?   Yes!  A great opportunity to enjoy rides in places otherwise we might not have access.

Young riders?  Do what you need to in order to retain the interest of young riders. 

If you haven't read it...get on it.  Let your president know how you feel.


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