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July 28, 2011

The Blogger's Great Distance Race!

The Blog Race will begin on December 1, 2011 for the first year there will be a code of honor to be honest!

The Rules:

Competition begins on December 1, 2011 ends November 30, 2012.

You must have a blog and a ride a horse.

You must be a follower of Endurance Granny.

Anytime your butt is in the saddle log those miles.  You can either GPS them, or ride a trail that is a known mapped distance and log those miles.  We don't care about speed.  This is a distance race.   You may include CTR, LD, Endurance competition miles, training miles (GPS'd or mapped mileage) , arena miles (GPS'd), or premeasured by car odometer road miles. 


If you are a professional / expert distance rider....SORRY, this is for the newbies :)

You will need to email me at to play with:

The name of your blog.
Your first name.
Horse's name.

When you ride keep track of your miles and log into the website for the contest, you will have a post with your name and your horse's name.   Put down the date, today's distance, and total miles each ride. If you only ride two miles a day...log it, in a week that adds up to 14!

The winner will receive:  Their team name on a trophy at Endurance Granny and the contest blog, as well as a digitized trophy for their own blog.  Also an undisclosed wonderful (or not!) useful (or not!) prize.


  1. Does your brain ever stop thinking of ideas? Love it!

    Sounds like fun! If only I could keep a blog. I keep trying and I manage to get a few entries and then stop. I just get too busy "doing" and don't do enough reflecting to get the "writing" done. But I love reading your blog. :-)

  2. Unfortunately...NO.

    It never stops thinking *LOL*

    Sign Doc up. All you have to do is have a blog, not be an active blogger :)

  3. EG you are too funny. I'm a silent follower and enjoy reading your posts. My first love is trail riding but I have many years of formal training in classical/traditional dressage and jumping. I also played polocrosse but never endurance. I would love to participate.

    My horse has a rescue story and this is the first year that he has been ready for some serious training and riding. We will both be ready and very excited for distance and speed by December. I also need to tell his story. I'm very emotional over the entire experience and have had a difficult time sharing the details. I think this will help.

    I will email you our information and spread the word.

    This will be fun. Thanks!

  4. Well - I log my miles anyway, so I'll play!

  5. I'm playing too! This Sept. will feature my first attempt at a 25 and currently spend way too many hours outside sweating right now. How do you get that conditioning/training log on the side of your blog? I want to add that.

  6. Log in, click on design, add gadget, I think it is the one for a list. ~E.G.

  7. I'll play! I track everything anyway (obsessive compulsively). Hopefully all my shorter rides will add up to a prize. I'd be willing to donate a prize as well.

  8. I'll play too! Bad about blogging, so hopefully this will encourage me. Gearing up for the October endurance rides. Oct 1st will be our second 25LD. Love your blog!

  9. How fun! I'm totally in and heck, I'll donate a prize too... maybe one of my braided bracelets out of the winners hair?

    I hope to see you at a ride again soon!

    j and The Flying Cheeto