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July 29, 2011

Big Bad Bloggers Distance Race

Wow!  So far we have some interest in the distance race which will be pretty well scattered across the various regions of the country.   I have only had one person propose riding multiple horses so far.  So if we get more folks that sign on for riding multiple horses we will have two divisions.

Division 1 will be called Cavalry.  One rider, one horse, pitted against 365 days of unlimited distance. 

Division 2 will be called Pioneer.  One rider, multiple horses, ridden for the year.  In order to have the Pioneer Division we will need at least four solid entries.

As for the tracking...I'm still thinking on that.  I'm leaning towards having you post up your rides in the comment section of the Big Bad Bloggers Distance Ride blog, then I can post monthly on the standings.  I may keep a spreadsheet...or would it be better to keep everyone's current mileage SECRET and just post up placements?

A couple of people have offered to supply a prize for the contest.  That's so nice!  Of course I'll give the wondorously ginormous (or not) winning prize to the BIG BAD BLOGGER who proves they have the stuff.

Now the bad part. 

The entry fee.

Ha!  When racing on this course, the entry fee is FREE ☺. 

To keep it social and connected I'd like to limit Cavalry to 20 entries.  And Pioneer to 10.  Currently we are up to 7 in Cavalry and 1 entry for Pioneer.

It is still so hot here you can barely move.  I don't know what it is about oppressive weather but my pitiful joints are nearly in lock up.  We also have the most aggressive horseflies in recent memory.  Our senior horse Cree is a blue roan and the flies are drawn to his dark color.  He frets, and he loses weight as he hides out under the shed rather than graze with the girls.  The only spray I'm finding does any good at all is Equisect and I'm running very low on it.
The girls are mesmerizing.  Phebes has finally met her match, and has a perpetually puzzled expression on her face.  Journey loves her nearly TO DEATH.  She is either herding her, kicking at her, biting her, or using her for a scratching post, while on the other hand; she is so hooked up with Phebes that she about has a nervous breakdown if Phebes is out of her sight for two seconds.  Where you see one, you see the other.  No if and or maybe.  They are like tandem spinning wheels on a cart.  I think Phebes would be very glad for Journey's company if not for the drama.  If they were people, Phebes would have an anxiety disorder, and Journey would be a tad borderline, ummm hmmm.

Hoping you all have a great weekend.  If the heat breaks, I'm riding!

~ E.G.


  1. ok, I asked Dale if he was interested. He said yes & he will be riding 3 different horses. Do you need any other info?? We are having another storm & I hate writting on my phone so I'll get back to you later...

  2. Either way sounds great with the mileage/placement posting. I love FREE. Thanks again for taking the time to do this. Hope your weather improves.

  3. I was going to vote for keeping the distances private but then I started to think on it and realized I'd be horribly curious as to what kind of time in the saddle the fellow bloggers were putting in.

    You said having us post our mileage in the BBBDR blog so are you creating another blog? And maybe a weekly tallying rather than having a million little comments to tally each week? I'm so excited about this!

  4. Yes, there will be a blog that I will only be giving the url to competitors. That doesn't mean others won't find it, but will keep the commenting more pertinent to the race.

    I'll come up with a format for the posts that you can copy/and then paste to the comment section.

    For those that have it a small photo of you and or the horse would be great, as well as a bio of what your horse does as far as discipline (trail, CTR, CTC, LD, Endurance, Show disciplines, etc. When I'm ready for these I'll ask.

    This morning we seem to have three in PIONEER so one more and that division is on!

    We have eight in CAVALRY.

    Next year I hope to do this again, but use the uploadable GPS units (so fair warning) to verify mileage. For the first we will go by the honor system, as I'm sure you are all honest ☺.

  5. I'm in for Pioneer!! I'll find your email addy and get signed up. Awesome idea!!!

  6. What about using something like Google Docs to track scores. You could start a spreadsheet and we could each have our own sheet to track miles. I would prefer to see how other folks are doing to help keep me motivated. If you need help with the Google Docs spreadsheet, let me know.


  7. Lida,

    Yes & yes! A spreadsheet would be great, and if folks could just jump on and enter the mileage that would be FANATASTIC!

    You and Doc are team # 13.

  8. Love it all-- This is great fun and motivation too!