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July 31, 2011

10 very hot and humid miles

We started out early this morning trying to beat some of the heat and humidity.  I believe we are on about day 14 of 90 degree + temperatures.  First crack out of the bag this morning I got bit.  Journey is not a biter.  She is really a very honest and sweet horse (albeit spoiled as hell).  Our lessons for mounting and staying still are rewarded with a treat from the saddle.  I was multi-tasking this morning and didn't watch my fingers, rather my thumb and she bit down on it and the cookie.  I got it jerked loose but did it ever smart!  Our new gear seems to be working well.  She could use a little more lift on the front of the saddle.  The regular tree was too narrow for Journey, and the arabian tree fits pretty good, but sits a bit lower on the front than the back.  We've only got an inch or so of dead air space between her and the tree, so it is very close.  If she'd lose weight we'd be in trouble.  Thinking along the lines of what Specialized has done with their saddles that I do like I'm going to look for some thicker pads for her Skito.  Or I may go so far as to popping loose the sheepskin underlining and putting the shims in there.  Haven't decided.    But her stuff for the most part I'm happy with, and that is a first!  We managed ten miles today.  She was sweated and spent as half of it was hill work, and I the weather weanie, was wilted.  But satisfied.  She is so much fun.  And is turning into a great little solo horse. ~ E.G.

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