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July 15, 2011

The Easyboot Glove Wides

I called Easycare today and had a very helpful person on the line (think her name was Sherry?  Thanks Sherry!!!!) and was able to get my order in for the 0.5 W's, but I was too late for the first shipment as my size is already in the negatives....lots of people wanting these wide boots.  So I'm set for shipment the end of August.  Which will only give me 60 days to attempt training for Journey's first LD, but I'm gonna have to roll with it.  We'll make it, or we won't.  If I'd have got my order done when I originally called the first part of the week, I'd might have hit the first shipment.  *sigh*  But I still love the Gloves, they are just so easy to use.  So Gloves it will be.

As to the Renegades, her measurements (per their sizing charts) did not fall into the boots fitting no way, shape, or form.  She has very small ROUND little hooves.  I expect by the spring she will drop down to a size 0 as we work out all the flare. 

So dirt single track will be what we train on between now and August, and I'll have to watch the miles and her front hooves for sensitivity.  I ordered some Goober hoof pack earlier in the week too.  Want to learn how to make a custom pad for her fronts, and use a little of it for the tacky adhesion to "hold" the boots  (maybe). 


  1. We have the same size easy boot toes! 0.5 for us too- i scored a lightly used 2 for 1 set on ebay that I'm waiting on to come in too. Interesting that they come in wides.. i am intrigued! We need to meet up and ride sometime...

  2. I know you love your gloves, but I just wanted to clarify for other people riding this, that the sizes listed on the renegade site are the STANDARD size. Many horses, including my horse Farley, take a "cut back" boot. Because of how the boot is designed, you fit the width, and then cut back the back of the boot behind the heel for the proper fit. Farley too has very round hooves, so she is a 1 standard cut back on the front, and a 0 max cut back on the hinds. You might already know this, but just wanted to make sure that it was clear to anyone reading this considering renegades. Thanks! :)

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