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May 20, 2011

Phew! Phebes is getting full of herself

We went for an hour or so trail ride tonight.  It wasn't a trail she's been on much so she was what I call "sticky", that and there was a plentitude of lush grass at her lips.  We also had two dogs with us (she is not fond of our canine friends).  My daughter wanted to sprint them across the field but I declined, I'm still feeling "fearful" of an event.  I know I have to push past that at some point and find what she is capable of without any issues.  After she was good and warmed up we did do some short little cantering intervals, and no problem except her feeling a little too goosey at first.  Indiana humidity is sure cranking up...the new horse will sure have its work cut out for it to start training this time of year, but I guess if it can get through this and get fit too, a fall ride will be a piece of cake.  I'm going up there on the assumption that one of them will be the one.  I haven't figured out my plan if neither of them is!  I just keep thinking the little red horse sounds nice...~E.G.

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  1. No, the pretty bay mare sounds nice... ;)

    So glad to hear Phoebes is doing well!