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May 19, 2011

Here's a body shot of the potential QH/Arab

I looked high and low for this photo and finally figured out where I saw it. Hold a piece of paper over his neck/head.  He does indeed look Arab in his body.  Especially in the hind.  His head definitely does not, but I can't ride that part *LOL*.  From this side view he certainly looks more suitable as to body "type."    Sue (the veterinarian) said he is very responsive and sensitive to leg, seat, and body position and that you hardly need the reins.  I'm used to riding with "contact" so I'll have to adjust my riding for the test ride.   If he turns out nice, feels safe and forward....I'm probably leaning this direction for the first " 30 day test ride."  

Phebes was so sweet this morning.  She had to have all her itchies scratched before she could go out into the pasture.  I think she'd stand there all day getting her dock scratched if I had the time.  She drops her head and waits for her bug eye fly mask.  My girl doesn't "love" me, but she at least indeed finds me useful :)



  1. He is a pretty cute boy. I'm voting for him! Have a great time meeting the candidates this weekend