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May 21, 2011

Horse Angels Inc. Horse Rescue

Horse Angels is a non-profit in Spencer, Indiana run by Sue Whitman DVM.  She is a woman with a tremendous heart and gift for horses.

Though my journey there today did not result in a good match for my purposes, both horses would have been awesome pleasure mounts, and indeed deserve a loving and good home.  If you have a heart of giving, I'm sure they could benefit from donations.  If you have an empty stall crying out for a pleasure horse, or even a show home, I'll bet she could hook you up with a forever friend.

 Randy was super cute.  Unfortunately he has a fly allergy that requires a medication in the summer months that is banned by the AERC.  He would be an energetic horse to put towards many disciplines, but he would need medication in the summer months to curb the itchies.   Punch was just a lovely young throughbred, but my riding style which is "funky" (be kind...) wasn't communicating well with her.  I ride with some contact, and I've never used a bit.

 Punch was trained to ride off seat and leg on a loose rein and I was sending her all kinds of conflicting information.  I was unable to get a good circle in the indoor riding area at either trot or canter.  She is capable because a really experienced rider was on hand to ride her, and it was beautiful.  Punch would have been wasted on me honestly, unless I wanted to delve deep into lessons and arena work.  But if I am to do that, I'd just stay with my girl.

The horse I was most likely to fall in love with was Olive.  She is a 3 year old quarter horse mare, and is so sleek, tall, and elegant.  Not the optimal breed for the job at hand.  I could just see her in my mind jumping, or under saddle in some english pursuit.  Alas though, not an endurance prospect. 

The Rescue is a phenomenal, well-kept place, sprawled over a hundred acres.  The horses all seemed happy, the stalls were clean, and Sue is an amazing, AMAZING woman.  I was very humbled by our trip there today.  H-U-M-B-L-E-D in  deep way.


  1. Perhaps you could find a decent horse at Last Chance Corral in Ohio. It might be a bit of a drive, but they have a QH mare, only 6, with a not-so-bulky build, who one might consider. The only Arabian they have, of the Polish variety, is a slightly older gelding, at 14, but is darned beautiful. Their names are Docs Hana Hancock and Evander. The website is
    Just a suggestion. :)

  2. Well, too bad neither one suited you, maybe next time. Thanks for the report on Horse Angels, I forward their stuff around, glad to hear they are doing a good job.

  3. I'm sure the right horse is out there for you somewhere! It takes time to find the right one. :-)

    Thanks for sharing the video about Horse Angels Inc. Horse Rescue. It does sound like a neat place!

  4. Ah well, it would be miraculous indeed if you found the ONE on your first attempt. Also good to discover what you DON'T want along the way and toughen yourself so you don't make a hasty decision. Good luck on the next round!

  5. Aww, drat. But I'm with Bird -- it would be quite amazing to find the right horse so quickly. Good on you for sticking to your "must have" list! (Hard to do when those big, pretty eyes are staring back at you...) :) Tamara

  6. I still think you should check out Lapco where I got Mika. They've got some gorgeous prospects.

  7. I wouldn't throw out any horse purely on the bais of breed or breeding. A stringy quarter horse can do as well or better than a bulky arab, after all...