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April 30, 2011

Phebes is on banamine

The vet said to give it to her today and tomorrow if necessary.  Over her loin and topline of rump she is swollen and tight to the point of humping up under the skin.  I've massaged the area a couple times today but she finds this uncomfortable.  He said to give her five days off and go into slow work...I just don't think she'll turn around that fast.  Honestly it feels worse than what happened two years ago.  She was just trembling she hurt so bad when it happened.  Honestly I have bawled my guts out most of the day.  She is eating, drinking, and does not appear lame or short striding in her movement, just muscle rigiditiy.  It feels almost that something intrinsic in me has died a miserable death, only I got to watch.  I can't express how important my "horse time" is for my happiness.  From the time I was three, all I could ever think of was a horse.  Later a beautiful arabian horse, then later endurance horse.  Nobody ever wanted to trot down the trail, or ride for hours, or ride solo the way that I do.  I've invested seven years of sweat equity in this little mare,  and I don't know how to help her other than to quit having her do it.  I've done everything advised including Vitamin E, Selenium, low starch diet, riding her slow (slower than 99%) of other riders on the trail.
*sigh* *very big sigh*.


  1. Very sad events - is it possible to have her tested to find out the cause? - I know very little about it although I think there are various genetic/metabolic causes and it may be possible to find a way to help her even if you can't do endurance with her any more.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. That's my worst fear with Mika. I bought him as an untrained 3yo and have done all his training myself. He's 6 this year and it's been a long road but he's finally getting a brain and we're developing some semblance of a relationship. I lost my old horse in 2005 and it took me several years to get another. Nothing ever really can replace the horse you want to be on. My worst fear is something happening to him.

    I hope by some miracle they figure out what's causing it and you guys have many more years of endurance together.

  3. Oh noooooooo! Tie-ups are so frustrating because the vets really don't know how to figure out the exact why/how. And you HAVE been doing all the stuff that the vets advise....dangit, dangit, dangit.

  4. Oh no, just catching up on all this with Phebes. I am so so sorry to hear all this E.G. You have been so careful and so vigilant about this. Please please don't blame yourself.You have done all the preventive measures possible.

    I do hope you don't give up on her.

  5. Sometimes just a bit of time may help? Keeping my fingers crossed for you~